A website has become much more than an online brochure for a company's services. It is a central point for communication between a company and its clientele.
It must eloquently communicate the company's message and allow the user to conveniently find the information they seek, while still looking stylish and providing an engaging experience.

This will get replaced with a SWF. If not you need to update your Flash Player.

Every Telepathy website is accompanied by a full content management system. Our art is to make the management of information in a site intuitive enough to be performed by anyone. So those who control the information can express it themselves personally through the site, without dilution, from anywhere in the world. Whenever possible we hook the website into the client's own systems, making sure the information available is faultlessly up to date.
Our aim is to bring customers closer to our clients, so they can understand the company better, and through online feedback so too our clients can better understand their customers.

Working for Electric Art Telepathy has built the Samoa Tourism Authority's international website. Including a database driven flash map system.

In another Electric Art project Telepathy has built the SamoaDirect booking system. From an embedded room pricing calendar on a target website, customers can click through to the configurable accommodation booking cart.
Telepathy working for Qjumpers founders designed and developed the innovative recruitment site. Powerful background systems in the site select exactly matched candidates to the job specification, and the site communicated to all the major job sites and manages applicants.

Telepathy was contracted to assist annegeddes.com in upgrading their website from classic ASP to the .Net framework, implementing object orientation and multilanguage systems.